Help me buy a Nokia N800
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I want to buy the Nokia n800, but I cant find a store that has it. In Vancouver, Canada or SE Asia (where im going).

I dont have time to order it from an internet site, and I will be in SE Asia for over a month, and I wanted to use it there.
Is it available in any stores in Bangkok or Phnom Penh?
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Do you mean the Nokia N80? It's listed on the Nokia Asia website.

This place in Bangkok is probably your best bet; the entire 4th floor is just stalls and shops selling mobile phones.

You'll also find mobile phones in pretty much every department store, too.
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mdonley: it's the N800 Internet Tablet.
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Whoops, sorry. That said, I'd still say one of the huge electronics mega-malls in Bangkok, MBK being foremost among them, will have it.

If not, why not just buy it online? If you get to Asia and can't find it, just mosey into an internet cafe and have it shipped to your Aunt hazel's house or something to pick up when you return.
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Here's a listing on the forum for one in Burnaby. It's not in a store, but says it's new. I have no connection to the seller - I just googled it and found this link.
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I'll check out MBK.
I just wanted to have it for the trip.

I actually already talked to that guy in Burnaby, he sold it already.
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If you can't find a superphone like the N800, less flashy, cheap, reliable Nokias (but which won't work when you get back to Canada) are *everywhere* - I have a Nokia 1108 I bought in Indonesia that makes calls and sends texts that I paid less than $40 US for, new and with some free minutes from the local telcom.
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the N800 is less of a phone and more of a small computer. (its predecessor, the 770, was the size of a moderately-sized composition book. the N800 isn't much smaller.)

if you can't find a local retailer (did you try big-box retailers or just cell phone stores?) you can probably have it shipped from either Mobile Planet/eXpansys or possibly even Nokia itself. doesn't help you on the way over, though. (FWIW, Mobile Planet has locations in Canada too so you can get it from them in Canada as well. they're physically located in Toronto though, but they may have warehouses elsewhere. might be worth it to ask.)
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Amazon can probably next-day ship it, but if you're leaving tomorrow it won't help. I just got one, and it's a cool gadget. Good luck.
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It's not a phone *at all,* in case you don't know that. It is an amazing pocket computer, full shell access to its Linux guts, 16GB of card storage, wireless, etc. You can use it as a skype phone or videophone using VOIP. You can install an optional GPS module. You can VPN tunnel into your server's database and reboot the damn thing from the bathroom of a Starbucks. But the one thing it cannot do is make a cell phone call.

I love my N800. Love love love it. Bought it direct from Nokia. Took a week to arrive.
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