Word Macros: Put your right footer in, take your right footer out...
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I have a macro-enabled Word template. I want to create a macro that will replace the header and footer of the current document with the header and footer defined in the template attached to the document. Please help! :)
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If I understand this correctly, you want to have a template document with some boilerplate in its header and footer, and you then want to automatically copy that text into the header and footer of any other document, via a macro. You can do that by creating your boilerplate document, and then creating a macro which opens that document, selects header text, copies it to the clipboard, pastes it as a header, and then does the same for the footer. Then make that macro available in other documents through the Organizer.

Or, make that boilerplate a custom Style, and append it in documents as needed by this method.

Creating a Macro

1. Tools menu, Macro, Record New Macro
2. Type a macro name (without spaces)
3. Make sure All Documents (Normal) is selected in the Store Macros in box
4. Type a Description of the macro
5. Click on OK. At this point, everything you do is recorded.
6. When done with steps need in your macro, click on the Stop Recording tool. (If the Stop Recording toolbar is not displayed, pull down the View menu, choose Toolbars, and choose Stop Recording.)

Adding the Macro to Your Toolbar

1. View menu, Toolbars, Customize
2. Click on the Commands tab
3. Choose Macros in the left pane
4. Drag the Macro from the right pane and drop it on one of your toolbars at the top of your screen.
5. To change the tool to a picture, right-click on the Macro in the toolbar, choose Change Button Image, and click on the desired picture.
6. Right-click on the tool again and choose Default Style
7. Close the Customize dialog box.
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