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I'm looking for a photobooth in the Philadelphia area.

I'm going to be up in the Philly suburbs this weekend, specifically in the Montgomery County area. As part of celebrating 1 year of wedded bliss with Mrs. GHM, we'd like to do some photobooth pictures (we had a photobooth at our wedding reception).

I know of a few in the city (found through Photobooth.net and google), but I'm not dying to go into the city, as we have better things to do. So does anyone know of one in the Lansdale/Harleysville/Quakertown area? I'm thinking maybe Plymouth Meeting Mall, Montgomery Mall, or King of Prussia Mall? Some out of the way restaurant that has one in the corner? We'll also be spending some time in Media, PA, if anyone happens to know of one around there. Driving a little bit isn't that big a deal, so it can be within half an hour of any of the above locales.
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Happy Anniversary! I live in Montgomery County. My son tells me that the Regal Cinema in Warrington has one, and he says he's pretty sure. I would call. I would call local bowling alleys too, and too bad that Lansbowl in Lansdale is closed, because they definitely had one. Local alleys would be Thunderbird Lanes, several locations. Another thought - if there's still a Chuckie Cheese in Montgomeryville, they used to have one.
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Response by poster: Excellent. I'll check out the Regal tonight - I called the Thunderbird Lanes nearest to Lansdale, and they don't have one. Chuck E Cheese, I couldn't get through the phone menu, so who knows.

Thanks so much, any of you other MoCo residents have any ideas?
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I'm almost positive the movie theater in Quakertown has one. There was one in the Plymouth Meeting Mall, too. Right by the carousel.
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On this thought, it's been awhile since a philly meetup.
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Response by poster: Update: The photobooth in the Plymouth Meeting Mall is a digital booth, which we found to be unacceptable. We'd given up completely, when we went to the AMC 309 to see The Simpsons, and behold! There in the tiny little video game section was a color photobooth. It's perfect - just $2, and the chemistry seems just fine. Thanks all for your help.
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