I need some help with Lotus Notes 6.5
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I just started a new job at a very large corporation and the office uses Lotus Notes 6.5 for e-mail and scheduling; while fooling around with it I decided to try the To-Do feature in Lotus Notes and quickly got confused.

While creating a new To-Do item, the status is listed as "Not Started", but as soon as I click Save and Close, the status switches to "In Progress". Basically as far as I can see there are only two status modes a To-Do item can be "In Progress" or "Complete", which is extremely infuriating as I have a bunch of items that I would like to classify as "Not Started", and others to which I would like to add a %complete status. Is there any way to do this in this version of Lotus Notes?
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Check the start and end dates on the task. If the task shows in progress chances are that the start date has passed.
posted by kantgirl at 4:53 PM on July 26, 2007

There's another status, which is "Overdue". You'll see this when the end date of the task passes without you changing it to completed.

kantgirl is correct - if you change the start date to one in the future it will show as "Not Started". It assumes that you actually start things on the start date.
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Oh, and if you don't put a start and end date in the task, it will show as "In Progress".
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