Pimp my hair! On second though, please don't.
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Is there a "sartorialst"-style website for haircuts?

The girl who cuts my hair does a good job. I allow her a pretty free hand with my hair 'cause I always get compliments after she's done waving her scissors at my head. But I'd like to get a feel for what people out there in the world are doing with/having done with their hair without having to read "US" or "People" or similar supermarket tabloid stuff.

So, are there sites out there that show what's hot right now, what's edgy, what's goofy, what's weird and beautiful and fun in the world of hair?
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Response by poster: Oh, I should specify that it's probably not going to do me any good if it doesn't include haircuts for male-types, but go ahead and share anything you've got.
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Best answer: Not sartorialist-like, but there's some interesting stuff here (not much English, but lots of pictures). (Women's styles here, if anyone else is curious)
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Best answer: Eerie... I was going to post this exact question (minus your insider info) sometime this week. *hijacks*

The best I have to go with right now comes from the very scene-kid-oriented lj community madradhair, whose profile page has a bunch of links to photobucket albums divvied up according to length, color, etc. Guys' cuts, too!

But really... I want to see a Hairtorialist.
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Best answer: menshairstyles.net?
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Sorry to piggy-back, but anybody know any good curly hair sites? For the lady types?
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