Website that showed 'Street Style/OOTD' of people with similar bodyshape
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I am trying to remember a website I vaguely remember. It was like but everyone had their height/weight/body shape in their profile, so you could search for fashionable style posts/outfit of the days with people with a similar body type to you?

Does anybody know what site this was? Did at one time have this function or? Are there any sites similar to this idea?
I'd like to be able to get inspiration from people with a similar body type to me. (<5'2'', slightly curvy).
*Bonus points to those who can point me to great fashion blogs featuring ladies with petite frames!
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Best answer: Chictopia: "Create an account on Chictopia to browse photos similar to your body shape."
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Response by poster: Yes! I think that is that I was thinking of! Thank you!
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I too am 5'2" and slightly curvy and I love Orchid Grey, Delightfully Tacky, and The Clothes Horse. I am unsure of how tall Orchid Grey is because she is more often than not wearing heels, but the other two are fairly petite I believe. I've found that what matters most to me is the style of the blogger rather than their body type, so I adore blogs such as GabiFresh and Hel Looks even though neither ever show tiny Mediterranean looking people.
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I just found Eccentric Owl through Chictopia. I want all of her clothes. All of them.

I think she's a little taller than you're looking for, but the stuff she wears would be totally flattering on petite folks.

I'm 5'2" and pear shaped. I've always left the previously mentioned blogs feeling sort of bad about my body because the bloggers are so impossibly tiny, but ymmv.
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Is there one for men?
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littleredwagon -- I signed up and chictopia does the same thing for men.
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