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Ticket pre-sale passwords. Where is a good place to find them (especially for concerts)?

I know that there are threads at both Fatwallet and SlickDeals that collect pre-sale passwords. I guess I'm looking for more resources like these.
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If you know what band or artist you're looking for, that information is usually distributed to members of the fan club.
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local radio stations. for example, in the SF bay area, if you sign up to be a "live 105 activist" then they occasional mail you pre-sale links.
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Twice I've posted on Craigslist offering folks $5 via Paypal for pre-sale passwords, and both times, people gave them to me for free.
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I get a lot from this site
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Second the local stations idea - sign up for email alerts with all of the radio stations that might normally play those artists. In addition to that, some venues themselves do pre-sales through email alerts.
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also House of Blues
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