Does the mafia still exist in chicago?
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Does the mob/mafia still operate in Chicago? If so, at what level? Does the Chicago Outfit still exist?
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Yes, the Mafia is absolutely still operating in Chicago (world-wide really). In Chicago, the biggest criminal society would have to be La Cosa Nostra.

Check out the FBI's Organized Crime page for more information
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Chicago Outfit.
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This collection of coverage of a current high-profile mob trial might be a good place to start reading.
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My theory on the mob is that they are only as strong as their ability to import desperate men who are willing to do desperate things so that's why the most dangerous mobs are usually from first generation immigrant communities just getting a foothold in the U.S. That's why you don't hear as much about the Italian Mafia as much anymore - Italian immigration is stagnant. The Feds are more concerned with the Russians these days because of their global reach.
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the panel on WTTW' "Chicago Tonight" said on friday that the first ward until recently was practically run by the mob, that a close friend of daley and alderman was a made man and ... well, you get the point. the show is a fascinating watch when they get to the trial.
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