Do i have an oral fixation?
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Do i have an oral fixation?

I have had an eating disorder in the past. Now, i am ok, a normal weight and eating healthy. But all my thoughts are focused on food, obsessively. I look forward to eating, and when I am not eating, I need to be chewing gum. I chew gum all day, and worry even though its sugarless, how it is affecting my teeth. Is this just another form of the eating disorders i had before? I have anxiety and depression too, but don't know if the eating and gum issues are causing it, or stemming from it? I have been in therapy, and am currently on an SSRI for depression/anxiety. Please help! I hate for food to be the focus of all my thoughts.
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You should discuss this with whomever prescribed your SSRI - it sounds like mild anxiety or obessive-compulsive disorder.
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I have been in therapy

If you're currently outta therapy, get back in therapy.

If you're currently in therapy, then ask your therapist.

If you can't afford a therapist at the moment, send a note to admin saying what city you live in and AskMefi can probably assist you in finding help.
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Same here after a major infection that basically starved me. Funny thing is that even when I get food I don't eat much...must be the trepidation. I have to see both a nutritionist and a therapist. I suggest you do the same if you can.

They said I'm not eating enough, esp. protein! Eat breakfast, eat real food (not junk), balance out the carbs/fat/protein ratio so you get at least 20% protein. My problem in the past was a high carb vegetarian diet.

Gum= sugar= will give you some satisfaction, but will crash you eventually.

And work off the obsession by watching the Food network or reading some food books. I have channeled my problem into a career, now that I write about food and cook a lot.
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Chewing gum is just a way to rationalize grinding your teeth. Try getting a mouthguard for when you are sleeping and wearing it when you are just sitting around. There is no reason to chew gum. Maybe you can give it up, and free yourself from the revulsion of grinding your teeth. Come to my house...there is no gum chewing allowed. Perhaps you feel relieved when there is no gum about. Remember: You are not giving up anything! The rewards are health, wealth, and fewer dental problems associated with tooth grinding.
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