Delta 2 Rocket Mars rover mission
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Where do I find the audio file of the radio communications from mission control of the Delta II rocket launch? Preferably in .wav format. Thanks in advance.
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Am I dense? Delta II is an expendable launch vehicle right? Not a mission name or suchlike? If that is all correct info, what launch, specifically, are you looking for? If ANY Delta Two launch is ok, then this place have movies you may be able to scrape sound from (bottom of page), providing you aren't doing anything public with it. Otherwise I'd contact NASA itself and ask permission and for specfic data.
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On this site, specifically here. First 2:46, at least, up to first jettison. Real Audio, not .wav; but nice video too.

This isn't mission 'radio', it's just the mission control report. There's no one on the craft so no need to send voice radio transmissions to it.

Edgeways, poster meant the Mars Rover missions.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, I do realize that there was no reason to send audio back and forth. This one was written by Mr. Jalapeno while I was bathing babies and he kind of went haywire. I think what he was looking for more than anything was a recording of the audio in the control room.

Thanks ikkyu2! Also, thanks for your advice a couple months back re: epilepsy. They have changed my meds again and now I'm on Lamictal. I don't want to jinx myself, but I seem to be feeling pretty well. Thanks again - I'm make sure that the hubby gets the link.
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