Napping and nasal pain.
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Sinus Pain: After napping, I almost always wake up with sinus pain or a terrible sinus headache. Why?

I've tried googling and I've read past sinus threads, but none answer my question.

No matter the length of my nap (usually they vary from half an hour to 3 hours), 95% of the time, I wake up with pain in my sinuses or an unbearable sinus headache. It doesn't matter where I nap (at my house, a friend's house, my parents' house, etc.) or how much sleep I've had the night before.

I love to nap, but the sinus pain is preventing me from curling up as frequently as I'd like to...

Any ideas why?
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Sleep apnea?
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It could just be that the air you are breathing is really dry. Have you tried a humidifier?

Or perhaps you sleep with something you are allergic to? Down pillows or comforter or anything like that which are prone to collecting dust particles?
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Are you sure it's sinus pain? Could it be caffeine withdrawal?
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Use a neti pot to clean out your sinuses and see if that helps - they are cheap and it won't hurt to try.
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Do you clench your teeth while you sleep?

I do and quite often have headaches upon awakening. A good (but apparently rare, according to the entry) additional indicator is that your jaw and teeth are a little sore when you wake up.
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i will look into these answers, but i am curious about the pain only happening after i nap. after a full night's sleep, i don't wake up with the pain.

thanks everyone!
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Could it be air conditioning? Napping is occurring during the day when it is hotter and the air conditioner is running more. Air conditioners dry out the air. Sinuses drain and irrigate poorly while laying down. Thus pain from napping.
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Your blood pressure drops while you sleep, which may mean things aren't circulating as well as usual.
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Snore? When I nap and snore, I wake up with a head ache that feels like a sinus headache.
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Sometimes I have the same problem...I'd consider caffeine withdrawal and grinding (which might only happen when you nap), as suggested already, as they're both easy to test.

Test #1: does your headache go away 20 min. after a cup of coffee?

Test#2: your dentist can tell you if you're grinding. Alternately, can you open your mouth all the way without pain or stiffness?
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I want to add some weight to "allergic to something you're sleeping on?" How do you feel in the morning? Do you nap in the same place you sleep?
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i'm pretty sure it's not caffeine withdrawal, and i don't think it's grinding because i've asked my dentist before if he saw any signs of grinding and he said no.

i think it might be air conditioning. i'd never thought of that before... but then, it might not be because in my student house last year we didn't have air conditioning and i got the post-nap headaches.

generally, i nap in the same place i sleep. this is puzzling!
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