SC Debates
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How can I get into the SC debates?

So I have Monday off. I realize it might be a little too late in the game, but I was wondering how one might go about getting in to watch the CNN YouTube Dem Pres debates in Charleston this coming Monday. I'm driving distance and I really want to go! Even if it is too late to go this coming Monday, how does one get into one of these events? Invite only? First come first serve? Ridiculously expensive tickets? I'm pretty ignorant because I've never considered going before. I've always watched at home with friends while playing drinking games.
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This says there were tickets, but now all seats have been filled. Here is another page with info. I found these pages by googling "presidential debate"+2007+charleston.

Maybe you could see if any of these tickets are going up on eBay, or if there's a waiting list.
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