How do I get wrinkles out of a thin vinyl?
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How do I get wrinkles out of a thin vinyl?

I have several yards of a very thin vinyl. Part of it is very wrinkled, and I need to smooth it out. I tried ironing it between two pieces of 100% cotton fabric on a low heat and it got very soft, but when it cooled it was still just as wrinkly.

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Heat it, stretch it slightly, and then keep it under tension as it cools.
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If you have the time, and the wall space, cut it and thumb-tack/staple it to a wall. It should smooth out by it's own weight pulling down on it self. It will take several days if not a week or two.

Use plenty of tacks/staples across the top so it won't create new ripples as it hangs.
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I would try a hair dryer. I've done this with good results.
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