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I am visiting the in-laws, and want to transfer a bunch of Librivox audio books (all legal and free) to my ipod from a mac. My ipod is formatted as a windows ipod even though I only use it with my macbook. Itunes wants to erase my entire Ipod before it do anything.

Do I have to use Senuti to copy my entire ipod over to Father-in-Law's mac and then do an erase and sync? That seems tedious but it's the only solution I've found. I've looked at other posts on bi-directional syncing but they seem to only apply to windows software.

If this works we'll have Frank Baum and Mark Twain for the kids to listen to on the 15 hour drive home.
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Response by poster: I've tried copying my ipod to the in-law's itunes using Senuti, and it goes through the motions but nothing actually transfers.
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Response by poster: More dispatches from the clueless: Senuti did work, it just didn't automatically add the files to Itunes. So I have my ipod library, apparently (it says 674 songs, not 900+, so the podcasts may not be there) transferred to the alien mac. Still, it would have been nice to have had a more elegant way to get legal songs off of the mac and onto my ipod, other than copying over the entire ipod first.
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Do you normally have iTunes automatically sync your iPod when it's plugged in? I'm not sure why the Mac is asking to erase it, but try looking for the option to manually manage the songs on your iPod and make sure that it's enabled.
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I haven't tried it myself, but floola might work for you.

On preview: well, maybe next time.
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Response by poster: I'm just glad I had my firewire cable and didn't have to wait for USB. Itunes won't let you manually drag files onto a strange ipod.

I'll check out Floola for future use, thanks!
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Are you sure? I've dragged-and-dropped songs onto a few different iPods belonging to friends of mine. On at least one occasion I had to check the box that enables manual management of tracks on the iPod.
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