Sudoku? I hardly know Sue!
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NameFilter: Help me name my 2-8 player sudoku game!

A while back, GAMES magazine was having a 'create a new game using the sudoku board'. I toyed with a few ideas, but didn't send any in. I revisited one of those ideas recently and have fleshed it out into a full game. I'll post it to projects after it's been named. It'll be available free for download forever.

Here's a quick overview: 2-8 players, 30 seconds a move. Filling in squares on the board give points, with the Big Play being one that completes a square, horiz and vertical line at the same time. If two or more people fill in the same square, zero points are given. No equipment needed except for a timer and pens/pencils.

Any ideas?
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nothing specific, but you can always throw "Party" after any game that is multiplayer.

"Sudoku Party" does sound like you're trying a bit too hard to make it sound fun, though.

Maybe a synonym would work?
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Combat Sudoku

Party Sudoku

Sudoku Carnage

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scrabble + sudoku = scrudoku
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sudokall, sudokus
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SudokWE (SudokU + SudokME = SudokWE)
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Best answer: "Tasudoku." "Tasu" (多数) means "multitudes" in Japanese, and you can run that into "sudoku" to get the new name.

Or go in a completely different direction: how about "number monkey"?
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Xudoku, the 'X' referring to filling in the "cross" in the Big Play (I must give credit to thirteenkiller, whose "Sudo-Sudoko" suggestion made me think of ubuntu, and then xubuntu).
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Sudoki-doki Panic (obscure?)

SuDomokun (with a cute mascot)
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Response by poster: Tasudoku is awesome. Thanks, y'all. Keep an eye on projects.
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Response by poster: Also like to point out that "Xudoku", "Polydoku" and "Sudomokun" were all very good too. :)
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The 2-4 player Soduko game we have here (a board game given to us as a christmas present a couple of years back) which plays very much as you're describing is called "Soduko The Board Game" according to the box.
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