How do I set up a training calendar?
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How do I create a system for organizing/filtering company training sessions through a training calendar?

My company sells software and we do product training sessions for our customers. We have several trainers and we'd like to set up a system where we can create a shared calendar in Outlook 2003 called "Training", add custom categories/labels like (proposed training, scheduled training,
no resources), add the names of the trainers, and be able to filter the events in the training calendar so that someone can view just the training sessions that are for example:

- training sessions run by trainer named Bob
- training sessions that are scheduled
- training sessions that have resources

I would like the categories/labels to be editable by me but viewable by all trainers using the calendar.

How would I implement something like this? I tried setting something up using the Outlook 2003 add-in called "Outlook Calendar Views" but ran into issues where I could filter events in my default calendar, but not the shared public training calendar. If I could get this add-in to work with the shared public training calendar I would be content using it assuming all trainers download the add-in.

Can someone either help me setup the add-in so I can use it
with the shared public calendar, or help me achieve this by another means?
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If all the info is in each calendar item you should be able to use the built-in search function. Just come up with a strong naming convention.

outlook training (+) (gf)

would mean:
Outlook training (has resources) (taught by George Foreman)

php training (-) (gc)

PHP training (no resources) (taught by George Clooney)
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