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There is no Mac driver for Canon's ImageCLASS MF8170c multifunction laser printer. Is there no workaround for this?? Really????

I would prefer something that doesn't require setting up a windoze machine as a print server (whatever the hell that means). Has anybody been able to use this printer w/ a Mac, or am I going to have to turn away this attempt at a very generous gift?
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I work for Canon; and while I'm not a tech, tomorrow I can look up some stuff and let you know if there are any tricks you can try.
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Canon will probably not be able to help you. This is a big BIG problem I have with printer companies. Look at the compatibility pages for Gutenprint and foo2zjs. There may be hope for you. I just went through this rigamarole with an HP Laserjet and eventually got it to work with foo2zjs. It's so frustrating though -- it took me several days and lots of downloading stuff before I got a print out of the thing. I'm not even accustomed to my Mac needing drivers.
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Oh, and check out the OpenPrinting site for Linux drivers. Lots of these can be used with OS X. Google tells me the chance is slim, but keep an eye on development.
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Can you add a JetDirect to it?
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For what it's worth...I had some problems with a nonexistent driver for an HP officejet printer and osx.

So, I tried about ten different built in drivers...and one just worked. At least for standard printing.
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Disclaimer: I am not your Canon technician, nor am I a technician at all, so YMMV and I am not responsible if you brick anything.

I checked it out and you have two options:

1) Try using the drivers for the imageCLASS MF6500 series or the imageCLASS MF4150 copiers. I say this because these are the only imageCLASS products that have Mac drivers, and there is the off chance that one of these might work.

2) Since it's not officially supported by the Mac environment, call Canon and tell them. If possible, they might be able to help you with purchasing a new one (I do not know what that entails, but it may involve a discount).
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