help me choose between 2 photo printers
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Printers: I am looking at photo printers and have pretty much narrowed it down to the Canon i9900 and the Epson Stylus Photo 2200. Which should I choose? (Output continues inside)

I plan on using this printer primarily for photos and occasional color graphics. I will keep my current laser printer for B/W text, or might buy a new laser printer. My main concerns are quality, works well with OSX, and output is reasonably fade-resistant(>20-30 year). Unfortunately I have found little info about longevity of Canon's inkset for their printer, even at Wihelm Research. Any useful info is appreciated, especially negative feedback about either model. I am still willing to look at other printers too, but am reluctant to stray from one of the major brands due to my experience with an Alps MD-500. Thanks for your help.
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Wilhelm is the most authoritative on this subject, of course, but the magazine articles I've seen also show that Canons fare very poorly to Epsons (pigments) in comparison on age/fading tests (i.e. 3x-4x worse).

As a 2200 owner, the bad things for it are slow rate of print, slightly muted colors, and there's a newer replacement for it coming out within the next half-year or so. The print quality, though, is simply as good as it gets with consumer inkjet printers at this time, IMO.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the link; I Googled the site before asking my question but missed it anyway. Unfortunately the issues brought up in that thread are pretty much the ones that are making my decision tough. Anyhow, if this question gets axed for being a repeat, I understand.
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