(How) Can I get my Nokia N80 Cell phone email and browser to do dial-up networking over CSD
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(How) can I get my Nokia N80 Cell phone email and browser to do dial-up networking over CSD?

I have tried every step to try and solve this phone puzzle. I chased tech support at the manufacturer and the serviceprovider for days. I tried posting to the cell-phone expert hobbyists at howardforums. Finally – I am trying the green hive mind.

Here’s the deal:

I have a Nokia N80. The service provider is Fido.

I'm trying to set up a CSD connection on the phone. I’m not trying using the phone as a modem for a computer, but using the phone independently using a CSD connection. That is, when away from my computer, I want to be able to dial in to my ISP from the phone, so I can check email (and maybe also surf the web veerrry sloowlllyyy)

From what I’ve read online, this should be possible. There is supposed to be a way to set up an Access Point on the phone that uses CSD – just create a new connection, and select “Data Call” in the “data bearer” field. But here's the thing: the "Data Bearer" field on my phone only lists two options: "packet data" and "wireless lan".

Does anyone have any idea why the "Data Call" option is not displayed? Any idea how to fix this?

Some extra background:

- The Nokia is an unlocked N80 Firmware v 4.0632.0.38
- My service provider is Fido
- I *am* able to make CSD calls when I connect the phone to my computer as a modem. (Fido no longer offers CSD to new customers, but I still have it grandfathered).
- The reason I want to do this is that Fido data is super-expensive. CSD will be slow, but cheap. I’m okay with that, especially for email.
- The SIM chip in the phone is pretty ancient (Dunno if this would affect things at all…)
- For a number of reasons, it’s been very hard for me to get support on this from Fido and Noki. Of course there’s the usual finger-pointing - Nokia says the problem is w. Fido, and Fido says the problem is w. Nokia. But there’s more: Fido won’t help much because I’m using a 3rd-party unsupported phone, and because the CSD feature is discontinued (except for grandfathered accounts like mine). Nokia US, the manufacturer, won’t help much because I live in Canada. Nokia Canada won’t help much because they don’t even sell the N80…

Any help would be much appreciated. Happy to provide any extra details. I’ll be amazed if this gets fixed. Thanks!!
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the "Data Bearer" field on my phone only lists two options: "packet data" and "wireless lan"

Some operators remove options from that field. If you bought the phone from an operator, or got it 2nd hand then theres a chance you're running a customised firmware version.
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Response by poster: Olli - thanks for getting back! I bought the phone new from importgsm.com, so it seems odd for the field to have been removed.

Do you think there could be any way to restore it?
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