What is this mysterious tiny object?
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What is this thing? I got it from ArtchixStudio but they're not talking. I use it for jewelry-making purposes, but to me it's so odd it must have a hardware or other practical use. Here is another view. Help me, hive mind!
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Ummm...that link to Artchix pretty much explains what the thing is.
Why would you think it has some other use than for the jewelry purpose it's sold for? Seems like a nice little purpose-built piece to me.
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And the other thing looks exactly like what ArtchixStudio sez it is: a silver frame with a hole in it. It's probably a jewelry finding.
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I've seen these filled with objects and pictures suspended in Resin.
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Jeweler here. Yes, it's a finding. Frames (or bezels as they're also called) can be purchased pre-made from findings companies. They're usually available in standard stone sizes and shapes. The square or rectangular ones are usually used for tablets (think opaque stones such as agates, or art glass, or gold pieces).

If a jeweler is presented with a non-standard stone size or shape, then a custom frame or bezel must be made. Obviously, buying them pre-made saves lots of time for the jeweler.
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