Couch surfing wipe out
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Hotel/Hostel/Motel needed THIS WEEKEND, money sort of an issue, Berkeley or San Francisco.

Ok, I have tickets to Daydream Nation on Thursday so a friend and I are flying down to the alma mater (UC Berkeley) and are making a long weekend of it. However, couch surfing plans have fallen through at the last minute!

Requirements: close to BART, safe, clean, Berkeley/North Oakland/San Fran, and hopefully less than $100 a night. Is this impossible?

I fear this will be my first AskMe question to come up dry. C'mon, MeFi, bail me out one last time...
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I've always had a great time at the Green Tortoise in North Beach in SF..
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I've stayed at the Berkeley City Club before, and it was pretty nice, though I don't recall how much it was. The rooms are spare, but clean.
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Response by poster: Priceline and are good for Holiday Inn, etc. but doesn't help with the whole close to BART and cheap part of the equation. I am hoping someone has experience with some of the smaller places, for instance the Berkeley City Club which looked like it might be kinda dumpy so Mercaptan's experience is helpful.
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I ended up not actually staying at the Adelaide Hostel in SF a while back, because they were full, but they seemed like a decent place to crash. I mean, they were sort of run-down in the way that I expect hostels to be, but the five minutes I spent in their lobby didn't give me a bad vibe or anything. They're a few blocks from the Powell St. BART station.
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Check out this recent question (cheap hotels near Union Square, SF).
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Priceline is great for last-minute hotels. You can't specify the exact hotel, but you can specify the part(s) of town where you're willing to stay. For example, any hotel in this area is probably close enough to BART.

Go to to see how much to bid. I'm certain you can do this for less than $100.
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