What horror movie is this??
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What horror movie is this? Guy goes to cabin...his bride comes back from the dead to find him because he promised to always love her. Her disembodied head haunts him. She's in the mirror at some point. I think there's a storm. Sounds kind of like Evil Dead I or II, but it isn't. It's scary. That's all I remember...I saw it sometime in the late '80s on television. Anyone?
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I remembered this thread, seems like it might possibly be related.
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It sounds exactly like an episode of The Outer Limits.
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That COULD be Cemetery Man...
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Oh, wait, no -- I glossed over the late '80s part. Hurm.
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Cemetery Man was the first thing I thought of too... but 1994 is the verrry late '80s.
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There was an episode of Tales from the Crypt where a guy accidentally overdosed a woman on a Haitian love potion, and she died but came back for him anyways, rotting flesh and all.
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Nevermind... neckro23 has it.
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When it comes to stories about zombies, I'd tend to trust neckro23. This also sounds a lot like an episode of Tales from the Dark Side, but I can't get a decent show listing for the series right now.
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It sounds a little bit like the the 60s horror movie Tormented, featuring a disembodied head which appears in photos and mirrors and things, but the head belongs to his jilted lover, not his bride - he dumps her a week before the wedding.

This is the Crypt episode mentioned above, I *think*.
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You might want to ask FlickChick. She's really, really good at identifying horror movies/shows.
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jruckman, any comments?
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