Help me find this great home electronics catalog company, last seen by me in the late 80s...
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I'm trying to remember the name of a really great home electronics company who I believe was catalog only, that I last knew about in the late 80s, when I ordered some dbx brand bookshelf speakers, and denon cd and amp (which I still own and are running strong to this day!) The catalogs came to my parents house in Santa Barbara, and they had all this really well selected gear, with both narrative and technical descriptions. The narrative felt like an enthusiast, but not snobby high end enthusiast. The company's name was, I believe, two syllables, something like Redken, but I know that's not it. Any idea what company I'm talking about, and if they still exist?
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Crutchfield meets all your criteria.
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Response by poster: I realized after posting this that it could sound like a number of companies...that's not it. Hmm, I'm wondering what else I can dig out of my brain to jar someone's memory?Hmmmm
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Response by poster: But yes, this is quite close to them...ugh, if I could just remember the name...
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Best answer: DAK?
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Response by poster: No, less part-y, more complete components, similar to Crutchfield, noted above.
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Wasn't there a company called Danmark? I tried Googling this but the damn search engine keeps returning Denmark results.
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Crutchfield is what came to mind for me also. A similar, yet cheaper and far better for home audio source would be Audio Advisor, although I doubt they are the one you are thinking of. Stores that offer up "advice" never really seem to be unbiased though. The good ones will give you honest advice as to the advantages of the products they sell, and sometimes the disadvantages, but I never really feel comfortable relying on them. Some other good sources: Needle Doctor, Yawa, Upscale Audio and Elusive Disc.
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hodyoaten, the catalog place you're thinking of is Damark. The last time I ordered something from them was back in the early-mid 90s, but they are apparantly still around, possibly in an ebay only capacity though.
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Response by poster: Ding ding ding! DAK is it! Thanks double desert person :-) But thanks your guesses, everybody, and for all the other great sites to check out.
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