I (heart) nerds .... in bag form.
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Where can I find a new I (heart) nerds purse like this one?

This one is falling apart, and a google search and a froogle lead nowhere. It was originally bought at Kohls, and we haven't seen a new one since. Any leads on where I can buy one online?
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What is the name on that label on the front right of the purse?
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It's impossibly easy to make... just get a new blank messenger bag and pick up some iron or stick on letters and shapes from Michael's, Joann's, or your other local craft store. Viola!
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Looks like the big one now is this yellow 'I Heart Geeks' bag by JGoode Designs. If you can tell me what that label says, I may be able to locate that bag, but I have not been able to find anything black.

Here is the Google Search I was using.
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The label says "Self Esteem."
I have no idea how I managed to read that.
here is their website (which is infuriating),
and here is a list of places where they peddle their wares.
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To get "♥" just type "♥"

I promise that this will impress nerds.

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Neighborhoodies has customizable bags, including hearts. This one looks very similar to what you want.
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I was going to suggest Neighborhoodies also. Will look much better than doing it yourself.
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