Wording on DDR foreign aid?
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I am requesting a short German translation, preferably from a native speaker from the DDR, or a native speaker with lots of exposure to German language communist propaganda.

I need something like "Donated by the people of the DDR", but matching as closely as possible how this would have been worded by the DDR government on items they sent as foreign aid.

For example, the US gov't brands their famine aid "A Gift from the American People" with a picture of shaking hands, and the stars and stripes in the background. What exactly would the label on DDR foreign donated goods say? Would there be any graphic associated with it?
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This Flickr search has some potentially useful graphics, especially after the first few pages.
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I asked a friend who grew up in the DDR, but he wasn't sure what the text was or whether there even was any at all. He suggested "Von den Werktätigen der DDR für unsere Brüder und Schwestern in ###". ("From the working people of the DDR for our brothers and sisters in ###", you might want to add "gespendet","donated", to the front of the sentence).
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Danke schön, snownoid! I'll send you a picture when my little art project is complete!
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