Looking for complete library sets
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Where can I find things like "Penguin Classics Complete Collection", entire libraries? Do publishers (say Dover) offer such things on request?

I am aware of Strand's book by the foot, but I am looking for other suggestions.
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Two that I know of are Dalkey Archive Press and Library of America.
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I assume you are talking about the 20th Century classics? There are actually a lot of Penguin Classics. Not the answer you want, but you could try going through the list and ordering what you want individually...

complete list:

more info here:

you can purchase many directly from Penguin here (try searching):
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I am looking to buy ~1,000 at a time ... I was hoping to get a discount or finding a retailer who caters to this. I am going to call around to interior designers to see what they buy when they have to put in a library.
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I am unclear as to what you are really looking for. If you are looking for publishers complete sets (like Penguin classics, Dalkey, Everyman, etc.) then why do you care if they are 1000 copies or not? If you are looking to get 1000 or so books together on the cheap (must they be from the same publisher?) then there are bookstores (like the Strand as you mentioned) that cater to interior decorators or people who want to buy books by the foot. Here is one. Also, googling books by the foot brings up stuff like this. Nicholson Baker sort of talks about this in a really interesting essay called "Books as Furniture."
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Not for furniture, I was hoping to build a library quickly on classics and have it someone targeted, basically alternatives to what Penguin offers. I think I am just going to go with them. Thanks for the advice.
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Oh, ok. The only other one I'd recommend is the Loeb Library, but I doubt they have as good of a deal as Penguin since they publish only hardcovers and Penguin Classics are all paperbacks.
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