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What are the best *free* video podcasts available? News and cooking are what I'm really looking for.

I love listening to NPR and BBC World Service, and I love watching PBS and the Food Network. News and cooking video podcasts are what I'm really looking for, but if you have any other fun suggestions, please let me know.
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The BBC's experimental video podcasts are quite decent. Since you already like BBC World, some of it may be familiar to you.

NBC has podcasts for the Nightly News and for Meet The Press. CBS does the same thing with its Nightly News and Face the Nation.

ABC news puts extras in their podcasts, sometimes going into more depth than they have time to on the air. IIRC, they do not resyndicate any full-length shows.

There's an unofficial Frontline feed (rss). PBS is probably aware of it, but doesn't sponsor it.

PBS is sponsoring a feed for WGBH's Victory Garden -- the longest running garden show on TV. It's not cooking, but lots of times cooks and gardeners have things in common.
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Democracy Now! has a video podcast.
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I always liked Ctrl-Alt-Chicken for a geeky, can't-cook cooking show. Seems they haven't made an episode in a while unfortunately.
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For audio, I suppose you know of The Splendid Table from APM (not NPR)?
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Global National also has a video podcast, if you care about what's happening up north.
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