Investing in Youth Projects
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As a young person, how do I invest in youth projects?

I'm fascinated and passionated about youth projects, and would love to invest financially in as many projects as possible. Being a young person myself, I know how hard it is sometimes for young people to receive funding and support for their work, so I want to help them the best that I can.

I'm not interested in earning money from this venture, though I certainly don't mind doing so! I don't have a lot of money but am willing to spend up to AUD$100 or so (depending on the project). I was hoping for some sort of social investment fund that gave money to young people (sort of like a youth-oriented hedge fund) or a youth "stock market" but I haven't seen such a thing yet.

Some things I'm doing:

* Buying products and services from young entrepreneurs (especially my friends)

* Donating to causes and projects founded and run by young people

* Joining organizations for young people

* Write up and promote youth projects (doesn't involve my money directly though)

What else can I do to provide financial support to young people?

(Location reference: I'm based in Australia and am particularly vocal about Malaysian youth since I'm from there, but I'm open to supporting any young person from anywhere.)
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Kiva (or one of the other similar sites) might have something that strikes your fancy.
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What else can I do to provide financial support to young people?

- Work with a local organization to offer the money as a scholarship
- Ask local schools if there are any material needs they have, like new library books or playground equipment, and work with other youth to raise money via pledges
- Something like this scrip program, especially if you can get local people involved in helping their own schools/organizations

As a young person myself, one thing I have more of than money is time. This might not be the case for you, but dedicated volunteer commitment to a particular school, library, or other youth-centered place might end up saving them money in terms of having to pay another salaried employee, which might amount to more money that can be invested in their projects.
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Although I'm quite out of touch, the Youth Affairs Network of Queensland should be able to point you in the direction of smaller organisations/projects needing support. Otherwise, contact orgs/projects directly - YANQ should be able to provide a list in your areas of interest, or else I found being a member of the university student union (UQ, in my case) women's and environment collectives great for info about the more creative/out there things going on.
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