Smartphone Scrambler?
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Is there any program released for Windows Mobile Smartphone (WM5/WM6) that will dynamically scramble my voice in a call? Not looking for call encryption, but the effect in spy and cop movies (most recently, the Departed), where the caller's voice is garbled and robotic, but still intelligible. If not, are there any other programs that do anything remotely similar (or any programs that are just interesting in general)? I have a T-Mobile Dash upgraded to WM6, but any WM5/6 Smartphone programs should work.
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I have done some programming for WM5, and with the APIs available to third party applications I've seen it's not possible to do. (I.e phone software on the phone grabs audio directly from the microphone, without any way for a program to change the audio on the way).

It would be possible for VOIP applications running on the phone to do it though, but then you wouldn't be able to use it everywhere, use the normal number of the phone etc. (The software I'm working on is a VOIP client, and we officially only support calling when the user have a WLAN connection although the 3G networks in Europe at least are (almost) getting good enough to make calls over any day now...). I don't know of any application that has any scrambling features though.
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VOIP would be okay, too. T-mobile's EDGE net is fast enough (barely) for the skype client for smartphone, do you know of any VOIP clients that could do this? Or a plug-in for skype?
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