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Is it worth one hundred dollars to place a real estate ad on ebay? I looked over some of the ads and it looks like a lot of trash and scams with occasionaly legit properties. I am selling in a public auction in a little over a week and i want as many people as possible to bid on the property. However I am not rich, which i why i am having the auction, so if i am going to lay down $100 i would like to think it is worth it. Also does anyone know of a better online place to advertise that might attract bidders to a think like this?

It seems late to be asking this. But i really didnt think about advertising online until i mentioned details about the property in a mefi thread a few weeks ago and several people sent me emails about it. my realtor has advertised it online under his company website. i hate the picture that they have.
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As a potential buyer, I would look at a real estate listing on eBay as an act of the seediest or most desperate seller. Make of that what you will as far as value for your advertising dollar.
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I would not be confident in a house being sold at auction. As majick said, such a seller seems desperate, so I would also doubt that seller has been maintaining the property properly. It would never occur to me to look at ebay for realestate.
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looks like a lot of trash and scams with occasionaly legit properties

That's pretty much like all of ebay these days,
I have to agree that it seems seedy or desperate.
(I used to love ebay for all sorts of stuff, but now it's just icky)

Is this for a house or for undeveloped property?
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Response by poster: its a twenty acre farm. it is selling in a estate auction.

I would not be confident in a house being sold at auction

i guess that estate auctions of deceased people usually inspire more people than just a person selling their place that way. my realtor told me that it gives the impression there is nothing wrong with the property. that is not why i a selling this way but it made feel a little bit better.

i was just considering ebay because the auction is absolute. i thought it might apeal to at least some bottom feeders which i dont mind if they are there.

i have always done great with ebay for selling other things. i am kind of thinking now it wouldnt be worth the 100 dollars.
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