How do I add time code to a Quicktime movie?
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How do I add time code to a Quicktime movie?

I have QT pro, and need a simple way of adding non-standard timecode (timecode that starts at 00:58:00:00) to a Quicktime movie. I am on a Mac. Is there an easy way to do this?
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Do you have Final Cut Pro?

If so, you can just drop your movie into an FCP timeline (if you have FCP6, it will automatically adjust the sequence codec and settings to match the source clip...pre-FCP6, you need to do this yourself manually), set the starting timecode in the sequence settings to the TC you want, then export the timeline to a self-contained Quicktime movie. Make sure you use "Export Quicktime", and NOT "Export using Quicktime Conversion". The latter does not preserve FCP sequence timecode, as far as I can remember. The former will just spit out the file with no recompression, but will still write the timecode track.
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