She's ben invited to a yak-themed party....
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Is there a way to procure yak milk in the United States?

A local source in New York City would be ideal, but if the milk producer ships to the United States it doesn't matter.

I am asking on behalf of a friend who would like to make Tibetan butter tea.
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The Tibetans I've met have been very practical and resourceful people and wouldn't hesitate to substitute whole cow's milk if procuring yak milk would be a problem.
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Burhanistan, thanks! But she is looking to try it with yak milk if it's possible to find it here, because it's for a yak-themed party and because it's unusual here in the US.

Also, I just realized there is a typo in the title, drat! Obviously that should read "been" not "ben".
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Buy a yak?

In all seriousness, though, is there some kind of Nepalese community in NYC? What about calling nepalese restaurants and asking? (There has to be somewhere to get Nepalese food, right? I mean, it's New York freaking City!)
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Yak cheese here.
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Tibetan restaurant?
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My local Tibetan restaurant in SLC has these Cheese Momo's that come with a Yak Yogurt dipping sauce (it might be Yak Cheese too, but I'm not totally sure). Honestly, it is the bomb. I order it every time I go. You'd be a hit if you rolled up with a large take out order of these. And if I can get it in Salt Lake City, I'm sure you can get it in New York. You NYer's are really stretching for party themes these days.
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Pictureyellow, that's not my LJ post, but it is hers! The internet is a very small world, huh?

Mdonley, she has actually spoken with someone affiliated with that brand of yak cheese, but no luck on finding yak milk.

The quest is for yak MILK specifically, not cheese or yogurt. Perhaps the real question should be is yak milk even available here in the US? Alas, it is not possible to house a yak in a New York City apartment.
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Is yak butter acceptable? Because I've seen yak ghee in more than a few Indian groceries.
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Apparently some people do raise them in the US

but most US farmers seem to focus on meat
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OMG, hi Min! Didn't know you were here on Ask MeFi!
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too funny. i'm pictureyellow in both internet worlds, if you so inclined :)
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I thought I was invited to a goat-themed party once. That's when I learned I'm dyslexic.
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^ No one caught that? :(
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