GPS to Census Tract?
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How can I convert GPS to Census boundaries?

I want to convert latitude-longitude pairs to a unit of census measurement -- namely, the census tract. I also want this to happen offline -- without querying any online databases/scripts -- and to be automated. I'm looking specifically to do this within the NYC metropolitan area, or Manhattan at least.

What's the best way to do this? Any tips appreciated. I'm somewhat comfortable with coding Perl, C/C++, Java, etc.

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Best answer: a) Spatial database extensions. PostGIS or MySQL-spatial are two examples

b) Year 2000 census tracts as shapefiles

c) Add A to B

d) The resulting database can return a tract ID for a given X&Y pair, or a true/false answer to 'is this point in tract N?'.
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Oh, and I'm assuming that a DB is OK if you can carry it about with you. Also:

e) Thank $deity that you live somewhere that these boundary files are in the public domain. Most of us aren't remotely as fortunate.
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Response by poster: Incredible! I had chanced upon the shapefiles, but not the spatial database extensions.. Wow! Thanks so much.
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