Looking for a doctor?
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I'm looking for a good doctor or general practitioner in the Saint Paul, MN area? Anyone have any good ones they know of? I just don't know where to start there are so many....
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Dr. Steven Bergeson
4194 Lexington Ave N
Shoreview, MN
Phone: 651-483-5461

My family uses him for almost everything, and we can honestly say we've never met a doctor as caring and on the ball.
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Here's a better link.
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I haven't been to them (or any doctor) in years, but my family has been going to the Drehmel brothers of East Metro Family Practice in Woodbury for 20 years.
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I couldn't remember his name when I just made the previous post, but the one doctor I've seen other than the Drehmels is Jon Hallberg, who I liked a lot. I've only seen him a couple times though. Here's an article from 2003 on him.
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