Royalty-free space art / photography?
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Where can I find royalty free photography and art for science fiction and space? Things like black holes, worm holes, spaceships, and futuristic technology? I'm looking for something with a Weyland Industries vibe to it.
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IIRC, almost everything published by NASA is royalty free (having been paid for with taxpayer money). A good place to start would be your closest NASA Educator Resource Center (google it). They have tons of free posters and prints and such...a lot of booklets on various missions, some dating back decades, with some truly awesome space art on/in them.
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you can't just assume that any NASA imagery is public domain (material produced by eg. joint agency missions can have rights restrictions) but much of it is and that's certainly a great place to start.
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I use pixabay. They have some space photos and I've also seen some futuristic graphic design type stuff.
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Flickr has search functions where you can look for stuff that's free to adapt and use for commercial purposes. Here's what you get when you search for "planetary" but you could probably also get some good results searching for stuff like spaceship, universe, etc.
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