Personality quiz based on logo recognition
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What this that website that has a semi-personality test based on logo recognition?

A while back, I found a web page that offered a quiz that showed several groups of logos and based on the logos you recognized, told you what your interests were (or something to that effect). I've Googled high and low and couldn't find it. Can someone help?
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I can't find it either, but I remember it having some reference to testing whether you're infected with "thought viruses" or have a "meme disease" or something like that.
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Best answer: Human Virus Scanner (via a Google search: "meme virus" per lunchbox's post)

Is this it?
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Response by poster: Yes! Thank you so much!
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Oh, ouch. Now I really want to know what some of those are... like, is that really the silhouette of an Ilwrath Avenger I spy? Or something else?
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