A quest for Italian towels.
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Help me find these non-terry cloth bath towels like the one my SO got in Italy.

No terry cloth allowed. She thinks it might be called a bath sheet, but googling that only brings up terry cloth. She now hates all towels except this kind.

The towel is over sized, light, flat, simple cotton with a pattern woven in. It's not fuzzy at all. It came from a hotel in Rome, but she says they are everywhere over there. Hers is now threadbare and worn out. I would like to find replacements. Where can I order some?
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Perhaps something like these?
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I'm not sure if these are at all what she experienced in Italy, but I use Aquis thin, microfiber waffle weave towels, and I adore them.
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When I was in Italy, I loved the non-terry, cotton, waffle-weave towels I saw in a few hotels. I recently found similar ones here. I love them.
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We're getting close, but no waffle, please.
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You could try taking it to a fabric store and trying to find something with a similar texture. Buy yards of it and hem the ends. Or pay a seamstress $5 a towel to do it, if you don't have a sewing machine.
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The June/July Domino recommends the $16 Indian khadi from Layla. They they look pretty great and seem to fit your description.

This Domino bit isn't online, but the review is on page 110 if you can find a hard copy. There are some other towels there, but the rest are waffle or terry.
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I'm guessing it might have been waffle weave, but with a pattern - something like this.

Here's some interesting info.
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Thanks, all, for your help. This looks like what I want, but they're 60 bucks each!
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