cashiers check no account?
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I need to pay someone within the next few hours, and I found out I can't do this in cash (which I have). Also, I'm in another city, my bank isn't here, and I don't have my checkbook. Does anyone know of a bank or similar that will let me get a cashiers check without an account (I'm in San Francisco btw) ? Or is there a place I can get "1" money order for $750 ? the person doesn't want "multiple" money orders :/ thanks
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The US postal service sells money orders up to $1000.
posted by vorfeed at 12:20 PM on July 5, 2007

post office? not sure what kind of $$ limit they might have though.
posted by wayward vagabond at 12:20 PM on July 5, 2007

Any post office, postal money order, $1.50 fee for $500.01-$1000. On preview: what they said.
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Yeah, postal money order. No problem.
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7-11 will do it and I have never had a problem with a limit if you are handing them cash.
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awesome thanks
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Seconding 7-11. They're used to it, and (unlike post offices) keep reasonable hours.
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Check cashing places or Western Union offices offer money orders with a fee. The PO is probably the best option.
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Wal-Mart does it too (or any other place that uses the MoneyGram stores, etc)
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For future reference, you can get a Money Order (up to $1000) at a Bank of America branch without being an account holder, though you will pay a rather hefty fee (I think $6 or $10). That is the case in most places, CA/WA/ID may be a different story.
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in my experience, grocery stores (that have/do western union stuff) will do money orders, too.
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