Help me sort out the missorted files Windows is presenting me with, if you please.
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Indulge me for a moment: seemingly stupid Windows XP-based problem... All of a sudden, every time I go to open a document or save something in all my Office programs and even in Firefox, the folder contents in the "Save As" or "Open" window display backwards. As in, reverse alphabetical order, with subfolders at the end. I can't believe something like this has bested me. What the hell is going on and how do I fix it?
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Oh, and I should also say that I know you can rearrange the contents within the window while you're working in it, and I do, but the next time I go to open something, the same thing happens. I feel like a blasted n00b over here, and I'm not, I swear. Argh.
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Click the "format" icon and choose "detail" mode, and then click the "name" column header.
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In the dialog box, arrange icons in the manner you prefer. Don't save or open anything...instead, close the dialog box while holding down the control key. This will save your preference.
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Oh man. Thanks for that! Now I can return to simply living with Windows grudgingly, as opposed to hating its guts.
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this same thing has been driving me crazy for three years now... you have my deepest, most profound thanks.
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