Besides "picture your audience naked"...
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What are some of the leading books/online seminars/workshops/etc. for learning great presentation skills?

There are literally millions of books and speakers out there, but I'd like to find the cream of the crop. The top players, heavy hitters, most popular, gosh-darn-best resources for teaching some lawyers better presentation skills. No need to be lawyer-focused, but the top-tier of that category would be great too.
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Watch any Steve Jobs presentation (such as his most recent MacWorld presentation).
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Best answer: I'm a big fan of Beyond Bullet Points. This guy took some basic story-telling advice from Aristotle and turned into a way of engaging an audience. It's better than it sounds.

Presentation Zen is a good blog focused on presentations.
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Watch An Inconvenient Truth.

I don't necessarily agree with Gore's conclusions, and he is not the world's most dynamic speaker, but the presentation is EXTREMELY persuasive. In fact, it's probably even more effective to watch if you are an skeptic of his conclusions.
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If you are doing visual aids, Edward Tufte is the absolute best. He has several books and a website
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I'll second An Inconvenient Truth.
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And I second Steve Jobs.
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