Convenient Herbal Breath Freshness.
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I desire some sort of breath-freshening device (i.e. gum or mints) that is all natural and does not contain any sweeteners.

I realize this may, at first glance, seem sort of disgusting, but I realized today after eating lunch that I'm completely sick of sticking sugary crap in my face after I've finished a good meal. I'd prefer that the freshness delivery method be at least somewhat orthodox - perhaps some kind of herbal gum that doesn't contain any sweeteners? I have no inclination to carry a pouch of leaves anywhere on my person to facilitate this appetence.
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I've been to Indian places that have large bowls of this stuff near the door. It's quite tasty, and works pretty well. I don't find it too sweet at all.

And now I'm craving it. Blast!
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Chew some parsley, it is an excellent natural breath freshener.
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Best answer: When I was a kid, we had a box of small pine sap chunks (much like this) that we chewed like gum.
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Best answer: I have a little bottle of peppermint oil that I keep in my purse. A few drops on your tongue (or in a tiny bit of water) is very refreshing.
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Seconding the tea tree oil toothpicks. They're intensely minty, last for ~30 minutes, and cost less than a nickel a pop.
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Anise seeds. (Main ingredient in jquinby's Pan Masala.)
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Best answer: Oops, I meant fennel seeds.
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Best answer: Italian Pure crystal Licorice

I like licorice and it is awful strong. If you don't like licorice stay away.
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Fresh parsley.
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I like Peelu, and I enjoy knawing on the fennel seeds at the local Indian restaurant after a meal.
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listerine strips (not that natural, but at least not sugary & very portable)
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