Help me find a web design firm in NYC
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I'm looking for a sleek web design company in New York City.

I've got a website draft done, but need someone to make it sleeker, polished, better looking. It is a web 2.0 media company, so a firm that is familiar with the design ethic of this space would be ideal. Don't need a full website design from image to product, just a tweaking of what I've got. On the cheaper side would be ideal, as this is not a huge project.
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The Attik ( is slick as sh*t. Offices in NY, SF, LA and the UK. I only really know of them as of about 5 years ago (now they're doing Coke's xmas '07 campaign so I'm not sure what the scope of their usual projects is) but if the look is important, they can certainly take you where you want to go.
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I know one of the guys behild Lolz ( I have no idea how much they charge or how good they are but I do know that they're a couple of youngish guys with a pretty good portfolio so they should do good work for less than a bigger company.
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Arc 90 does great work. I know of a couple of the guys there, and they're really nice, extremely knowledgable (check out Rich's blog - he's one of the cofounders, and his assessment on many topics is 110% right).
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The former owners of Interocity (one of the largest web design firms in NYC before the crash) formed Krel Studios and they do beautiful work. Two person operation.
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