Finding a weight loss community that doesn't drive me batty...
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I'd like some help finding a new weight loss community to join - one with a relatively intelligent / fun user base but that takes healthy weight loss seriously. Any suggestions?

I was a long time member of a forum that focused on one specific diet plan (WW) and that specific diet plan only. I really loved the group, but because I am trying something different right now (calorie counting + no-s) I need to find a new "home base" for chatting about diet stuff.

As you can see from some of my old posts, I am working very hard to lose a large amount of weight. I can use all the support I can get, but I find myself completely turned off by most of the popular weight loss forums. They seem overpopulated with members with names like "kayleezmommie", "jeremysgurl" and "findingmyWEIGHtojesus". Basically, people who are more focused on issues other than weight loss, and who just pat each other on the back and whine together about how hard things are without looking for solutions.

I just want to find some like minded people who take weight loss seriously, who can appreciate emotional weight-related issues but who also believe that there is a way to plan for most problems and succeed nonetheless. And people who don't identify themselves solely by their mommy-status or their wife-status or their religious-status.

I saw WCityMike's question about an e-mail list, but that's not really what I'm looking for. I'd like a plain ol' message board for check-ins and stuff.

Also, I have checked out Spark People - it's a great site but the community is way too scattered and all over the place. I'd really like a place where I can join a more close-knit group.
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I know a woman who has had a tremendous amount of success with FitDay.
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Have you checked out PeerTrainer? It has a couple of different types of groups and a general message board. If you join of the the smaller groups (4 members max), you're expected to be fairly active, and you may have to try a few to find one you like.
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Response by poster: Fitday is great, but it's a tool, not a community.

PeerTrainer is interesting, I will have to check it out. I don't know if that's quite the setting I'm going for.

I think I want, like, Metafilter for dieters.
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Also try

They have a reasonably active message board system, as well as "groups" which allow you to connect with more specific communities of people. I also LOVE their website in general, as it is extremely easy to use, and has lots of information. Lots of foods and exercises for you to track...
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I think I want, like, Metafilter for dieters.

MetaDiet it is, then! Now what colour shall we use? It appears green, blue and grey have already been claimed for something or other.
But seriously: I"ll be watching this thread with interest, as I've been looking for the same thing for quite some time now.
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You should check out some of the groups and teams at SparkPeople before totally writing it off. The "Biggest Loser" challenges are wonderful if you can get on a team - they usually run 4 or 5 challenges each year where they take new members. I was on the Pink Team for nearly a year. Generally the challenges start at the beginning of each season, and they usually run an extra challenge just for the Christmas holiday season. Definitely smaller, close-knit groups that will keep you accountable if you choose to get active and get to know your team, and also allow you to compete among a slightly larger, but still organized group.
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You could try out the message boards on RunnersWorld (it is, of course, dominated by runners, many of them in the astronomically-fast category. But they know their stuff and people seem to get to know each other.)
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Spark People is totally awesome. It gets a little "DH" if you know what I'm sayin' -- but there are lots of cool people and it works really well. I used it to lose 40 lbs last year. And it's free!
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3WAction has one section, password protected for a modicum of privacy, devoted to weightloss and fitness. It is only one piece of a larger board, but I think the level of conversation will be up to your standards.
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Response by poster: It gets a little "DH" if you know what I'm sayin'

*snort* That is exactly what drives me bonkers on so many forums! I will try giving Spark People's communities a better chance though - I do log on daily since I use it to track my meals anyway.

I will check out 3WA too.

MetaDiet it is, then! Now what colour shall we use?
Mmm, MetaDiet, where flamewars burn calories.
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Spark People has millions of little communities if you delve deeply into it. I found one in my city that only has a handful of people, so I think it is possible to find something on there. I use Fitday for tracking calories, which I think it's brilliant for, but I've not had a look at the forums.

Best of luck. I have been looking for something like this as well. Most forums are either too huge or too "DH" or other such things that have been mentioned. I generally don't mind this kind of thing, but sometimes I feel like I am on a different wavelength.

Again good luck to you, I've been following your posts and I think it's great that you are so motivated and sticking with it. If you want an email "buddy" my address is in my profile.
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Not to be all clique-y, but several of us have favorited this question, so obviously there is some interest. What about setting up a small group (or 2) on amarynth's suggestion of PeerTrainer? I checked out the groups that were already there and there looks to be a lot of religious-centered groups. We can be a semi-intellectual-hipstery-snobby group instead.
I kid, I kid.
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If you don't mind hanging out with boys, you might find the Men's Health forums up your alley. It's not a pack of weightlifters, mostly guys and gals (probably 10:1, but still) who found themselves getting a bit round in middle age (or a lot -- not unusual to find 300+ lb'ers) who are determined to fix it.

I doubt it'd be the only place you'd want to hang out, but it might make a nice antidote from the hip mamas. It is, however, truly crappy forum software. But still, good reading.

(Or you might find it a boyzone. I'm sure I don't have a good eye for these things.)

It gets a little "DH" if you know what I'm sayin'

I laughed. (I was exposed to a large dose of wedding forums last year..)
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Ooh, yes, let's start a group. Please. "DH" makes me want to just hurl, and tho that might be good for the diet, it's not good for my mental health.

Oh, and it's not a forum, but I think is cute. Sign up for the newsletter and get the stuff in your in-box!

(And I do jest about the hurling being good for the diet.)
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Weight Loss Wars is a company that one of my friends started. It seems to be a nice community. Have a look.
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Response by poster: I looooove the idea of a weight loss team of MeFites. Since there seems to be more than 4 people interested, maybe a Spark Group is a better way to go about it? I don't know, I hate decisions. Start it and I will come. ;-)

I never knew how many kindred DH-haters there were here. It brings tears of joy to my eyes.
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I'd be interested in a PeerTrainer group, too, for what it is worth.

I know exactly what you mean about the "DH" stuff. The only place I don't find it ad nauseum is the forums at John Stone Fitness ( which is an amazingly informative bunch of people, though some of them are pretty hardcore, and basically no matter what you ask, you're probably going to get "lift heavy, eat clean" as the response.

I don't think it is exactly what you are after, but it is probably well worth checking out. There is a great support network there, especially if you post a regular journal.
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I would also be interested in any weight loss forums with mefites.

Is DH when they say DH for dear husband?
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Is DH when they say DH for dear husband? Yes. This can be expanded for any number of things - "DD" for dear daughter etc. Use your imagination!
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Woohoo! I'm in!
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I know this isn't the answer you need, but I just use a calorie calculating spreadsheet on GoogleDocs (probably a lot like FitDay, I dunno) and go to WW meetings though I've never used their program! My group is quite a lot older and stodgier than I am but I make them laugh. You might shop other meetings if that's an option. It's the physical check-in and weigh-in that I've paid in advance for that makes it so integral for my commitment (for now. I may try OA in the future.) Online forums sound appealing, but is the accountability there?
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Motivation to Move is a fitness and weight-loss podcast that also has an online forum. The nice thing about it is that the focus is slightly different; diet is important but not emphasized as much as providing inspiration and motivation to exercise and improve overall well-being.
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Can I be in it too, can I, can I please?!
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Catfood, if you're still reading this, I am dying to know what WW forum you were a member of. I just started that diet plan and I could really use the extra support.
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