Take the icepick, leave the cannoli?
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What are some unusual real-life hitman-weapon pairings?

I'm looking for historical hitmen who used unusual weapons to take out their targets (or do other interesting things to them). The question is inspired by reading about Abe "Kid Twist" Reles, who seems to be the man who coined the icepick hit. Aside from him and Richard Kuklinski (who claimed to use all sorts of weapons, and who strikes me as lying about a great deal of them), what are some other hitmen (not simply murderers) who didn't rely on the boring old gun?
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Search around Google and you should be able to find something like the Hitman's Manual. I can't remember its exact title. It's supposedly written by a real-life hitman and describes his trade. To be honest, it's pretty unpleasant reading, especially if it's true, so read with caution.

Beware too that the book tends to be found on the same kind of sites that have books about bomb making, or anarchy. So if you're at all paranoid that the government might be monitoring who visits such sites, you should steer clear.
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Hah, found it on my next Google search after clicking the Post Comment button:

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Here in London, hitmen have used an umbrella and polonium-210.
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According the BBC, the concocted 638 ways to kill Fidel Castro. Of course, none of them worked, but your question didn't specify that the hits had to be successful.
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There ws a guy at my high school reunion who killed the
President of Paraguay with a fork.

Soviet Spetsnaz are issued guitar strings for garrotting.
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Don't you mean Soviet Spetnsnaz were issued? It's just Russians these days...

I can't find anything about it at the moment, but I remember two murders when I was growing up in Tennessee that turned out to be 'for hire'. One was carried out with a fine American sedan, as I remember, and the other was killed in a house fire, after the killer (supposedly his 'friend', and actually having an affair with the guy's wife) got him drunk at a bar so he wouldn't wake up.
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The Spetsnaz guys also train to use throwing shovels. (Really it's just their version of an entrenching tool, but sturdier and, apparently, well-balanced enough to throw or strike with.)
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You'd probably enjoy Monk Eastman, master of the blunt instrument:

"Jacked out...........$15
Ear chawed off.......$15
Leg broke..............$19
Doing the Big Job....$100 and up"

Monk turns up (lightly fictionalized) here and here.
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According the BBC

According to the Guardian.
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There ws a guy at my high school reunion who killed the
President of Paraguay with a fork.

Ah, you went to high school with Martin Q Blank?

(Sorry, spotted the quote from one of my favourite films, ever. Couldn't resist... )

Tangentially to the original question, there's a lot to be said for apparent accidents/suicides. There are numerous questions about a string of deaths - apparent suicides and accidents - of Brits working on technologies related to the original SDI project.
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