Rose-coloured glass jar?
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What the heck do I do with a jar of rose petal jam?

My girlfriend just got back from Paris and brought me a jar of rose petal jam. It's a bit unusual ("like eating perfume," we decided), and I have a feeling that the usual peanut-butter-toast thing isn't what I'm supposed to do with the stuff. and Google aren't too useful for recipes either (searching for "rose petal jam recipes" just gets recipes for the jam itself). Any suggestions from the flower-munching hive mind?
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You can use it in salad dressing (like making a raspberry vinagrette). You can eat it with different cheeses and see how it changes the flavor. You can sweeten iced tea with it.
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What about looking for recipes that just call for jam? I'd think sweet recipes might be better suited to it, such as jam tarts/cookies or other more light dessert items.
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Yeah, cheese and crackers FTW. Go buy some fancy cheese, feel free to tell the person at the counter what you're pairing it with.
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It's popular in Turkey; perhaps there are turkish recipes that use it?

...I've just used it as a sweet spread on small toasty objects, for breakfast. That's the way I had it in Turkey, but perhaps they've got other ideas afoot...

(the iced tea idea is interesting!)
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Spread it on toast, yo! Have it with a glass of milk! I know that's not tremendously glamorous, but my yiayia used to make rose jam when I was a wee lad, and I can attest from experience that it's perfectly delicious in a PB&J.
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I use jam as a sweetener on top of basic custard. Haven't tried it with rose petal, mind you, but if you like the floral jam, it should work fine.
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Absolutely with cheese.

You could make Danish. Mmm. That would be lovely.

Spread with good cultured butter on fresh-baked croissants.

Melted over ice cream.
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A small spoonful in good yogurt. With chopped pistachios on top.

On toast with nutella.

With the herbs of your choice as a glaze for quail or duck or rabbit or any other small game meat.
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French toast. Pancakes. Crepes.
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Cream Cheese and Rose Jam on Ritz Crackers?
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Jam cookies, even hamantaschen.
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Use it instead of honey for sweetening tea.
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We bought a jar of that two weeks ago, and it's almost gone now. I don't like it, but, yeah, my wife puts it on toast. We got some raisin bread, and it's good on that, apparently.
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According to this Ayurveda site, it's good for hyperacidity. You could wait til the next time you have an upset stomach and test that hypothesis.
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Melt it a little bit (slowly, in a small saucepan on the stove) until it liquifies slightly, then serve it as a topping for ice cream, pound cake, or french toast.
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rosewater or rose jam is absolutely divine with iced tea. add a sprig or 2 of mint, too if you're feeling adventuresome.
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What? It never crossed anyone else's mind?
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Eat it with brie or brillat-severin or some other crazy-ass triple cream cheese, on plain water crackers.

Or yeah, sex.
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SCONES AND CLOTTED CREAM. Seriously. Here in London, if you have afternoon tea at Liberty, rose petal is one of the jams they give you with your scones and clotted cream and it is SO GOOD.
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I actually have rose syrup and not jam (better or worse for sex? Your call.) Poking around at places to buy it online one of the sites mentioned using it as a sweetener in squash dishes.
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I second the cookie idea. You could just make some simple sugar cookie but make half of them with the center cut out. Spread some jam on the whole one and then top with the cutout cookie. Pretty and elegant.
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I love things like that paired with grilled or roasted meats especially lamb
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meetha paan
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