How much should you get paid installing satellite dishes in Iraq
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Someone I know is working in Iraq (Camp Anaconda, AKA Mortar City) installing satellite dishes, and I think he's being ripped off on his pay. How much should he be getting paid?
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Is he working for a private contractor or for the military itself?
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Response by poster: Private contractor. He's Canadian.
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Many of the contractor job listings I've seen (although not for satellite installation) have offered salaries for a few months equivalent to the annual salary in the US.
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From the scores of random news articles I've read over the last year about people working as contractors in Iraq (they're not hard to find) I'd say anything under $80,000 US (annual equivalent) would be a major rip.
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80,000 tax free US for a year is also what I have heard from two different friends, one who worked in Iraq (small engine mechanic) and one in Afghanistan (Hvac)--but they are both Americans working for American companies. A cook I know also went to Afghanistan for 40,000 tax free for one year (cooks work so hard and never get the good pay imho).
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Response by poster: Those are the kind of numbers I was thinking. Thanks for confirming it.
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Jarius, your email doesn't work.

Mine is in my profile and I can answer your questions but I would prefer to take it offline.
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Someone I know is getting paid $60K (before tax) plus paid vacation, med and dental benefits, working as a mail clerk in Kuwait.
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