How to purchase Iraqi Dinars?
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How would one go about purchasing new Iraqi Dinars, if one were so inclined? My local banks (in Canada) laughed at me, as it is not apparantly exchanged outside Iraq, and the Internet seems to be full of ripoffs selling the currency as "collectibles" at double the official exchange rate. Does anyone know a way I could buy the dinar anywhere close to 1460/US dollar?
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Merrill Lynch has the biggest currency operation of any retail broker. If they can't get any for you, then it's likely that you won't find a trustworthy dealer.

Stock jockeys and pump-and-dump shops appear to be staffed with boy scouts, when you compare them to the charlatans on the fringe of the F/X business
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Try a reputable local coin collecting store.
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My sister sent me some Iraqi money, but it had Sadam Hussein on it (every denomination). I don't suspect it is still being used (or is that what you are lookng for?). My point is, you could hook up with a soldier.
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how much do you want?

If you're only after a few dinars then the commision will make the "rip off" ones cheaper.
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Take a look at this Baltimore Sun article (still available online from the Seattle Times, but NOT the Sun). It might give you a few clues about where to look.
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