Wanted: Nike sunglasses from mid-90's or similar.
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I had a pair of Nike sunglasses that I bought in 1995 or 1996. (I think I bought them at an outlet, so they might have been even earlier model.) They were the only sunglasses I ever bought that looked good on me, and I would like another pair or something similar. Details in extended explanation.

The sunglasses had red frames, with silver ear pieces. On the earpieces were dark blue rubber covers. I'm sure they came in different colors, but I'm just trying to describe them as best I can. They were very similar to the V6 model seen here. I had a pair of the V6 and I liked them almost as much, but I preferred the previous ones.

The large, wide style (Some said they looked like bug eyes.) just worked for my face, and I would like another pair. If anyone could tell me the model name or any other information where I could possibly track down a pair I would be greatly appreciative. If I could just get the frames, I could replace the lenses. (This would probably be necessary anyhow since I have prescription now.)
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Have you got pictures of you wearing them? Take those to various stores and see what the salespeople tell you.
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Ebay is great for vintage sunglasses.
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In case you can't find them:

From Tyra Banks website: (scroll down to Lawrence Zarian)

"Lawrence also shared how to find the perfect sunglasses for your face, at a bargain price! His biggest tip was to tag a friend along with you while shopping for sunglasses to get honest feedback. He advised women with round faces choose oblong, rectangular lenses. Girls with a long, narrow, square face should select oval shaped frames to soften their features, and those with oval faces need to balance out their face with an "Aviator" style oval lens."

I SWEAR TO GOD this was the only time I ever watched this show, and it was a TOTAL FLUKE-- I was channel surfing and got sucked in. But now I have sunglasses that look good on me.
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Response by poster: @PeterMcDermott: This is true but it's also a huge marketplace of terrible knock-offs. Tried going that route in the past and got burned.
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