Easy way to sell documents on the web?
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Is there any easy way to sell downloadable electronic documents (PDF format) on the web? I'd prefer that it be closely integrated into the interface of an existing website that I maintain. I'm looking for a system where someone chooses a document they want to buy, pays through a third-party site (and the third party then passes the money on to me), and the document is instantly made available to the customer. I know about sites like Lulu.com, etc., but I would prefer that this be done on my website.
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Best answer: Payloadz

The folks at boingboing use them to power their 'digital emporium'.
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Best answer: Alternatively, I met the folks in charge of cruxy.com a couple of weeks ago. It seems simple and I read now that they have a widget that walks the customer through all steps of the transaction without leaving your site.
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Best answer: I bought a knitting pattern from this site that used PayPal for the processing. After I'd put through my payment, I got an e-mail with a download link that was good for only a limited time. It was pretty painless from the consumer's point of view. PayPal also has the advantage of being fairly well-known and trusted.
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