Where to buy Double Happiness cigarettes?
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Where can one find Double Happiness cigarettes in New York City?

One of my Chinese co-workers at a restaurant job long ago lent me one of these once, and I recall it to be one of the best cigarettes I've ever had. Ever since, I can't seem to find them anywhere (I've centered my search mostly on small groceries in Chinatown, but no dice). Where are they to be found?
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Best answer: They're available here online. Otherwise - Hong Kong is a great place to visit! I paid $13 total for the 10 cartons I brought home.
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Best answer: Also - the manufacturer is:
Konci GND Management Group,
100 Lafayette St # 800
New York, NY 10013
+1 646-613-9393

You could call and ask where they're sold in NYC.
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I haven't had Double Happiness cigarettes in years! I have never been to NYC, so I am sorry I cannot help you there. My completely useless contribution is that they sell them at the tiny convenience store right outside the LA subway Little Tokyo exit, to teenagers without ID.
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